Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Best Sites that pay you to Write Articles


Squidoo is a article publishing website where you can your own write articles and views . These   articles are called “ lenses”. The kind of article you have written will match with the ads,they will put their ads according to your articles(what your article is all about).
The payment will depend on the quality of your article and whatever your article
Will make in amount, squidoo will keep half of it. They will pay you via Paypal.


Helium is website for article write-ups,Here you can choose to write about your own topic and if you don’t have topic then their “helium clients” have the various topics on which you can submit your article. The categories are available under assignment dashboard.
Another way to earn is by their ad-revenue system where they pay you on the basis of amount of people traffic your article brings to their website.
P.s :- You can cash out easily after having sum of $25,via paypal . is renowned website where you can earn but here you need to go through program such as orientation and evaluation to learn editing concepts of .
This is not so easy task , as they pay-a-lot to you so you must try and prepared before checking in.
They pays you only at the end of the month.

Here at this site you can look for both i.e. you can get content and you can make content, in short you can pay or you are paid.All you have to do to earn is that you make or choose a quality content to write for them for specific topic they give or you know.
Importantly,On the basis of your article quality you are paid.Price may reach upto $2 to $22.There is no such funda for fixed pricing ,all you have to make is good content for them.
If you are Premium writer ,you will be paid hourly of $30/hr. So start registering now.

Xomba is article writing website where you can find many categories like entertainment,home,technology,food,news and politics,science etc.They have several categories where you can write easily.
The +1 feature of this site is ads from Google are directly placed over your article so you can connect your article link to adsense account.
They pay you 40% regarding your total , in which google adsense also connected so you can withdraw at $100.


 At this website, you can write as many article you have in your mind. The traffic who visits their website looks for the content they have , and for that content you are paid.
By  writing article you earn stars, for each stars you reach up above level upto #4 ranking. So this means higher you are ranked higher you are paid.
Here, best thing is you keep 81% of what you earned and the client will pay you according to your content.

Here, the best thing about pennyhoarder is they have several topics on which you can write easily , also endless workable tips, on how to save a buck. They have large mass of audience and each of them trying to earn cash anyhow.

Pennyhoarder is looking for some innovative concepts and money making ideas. The conceptual ideas they make for light hearted but with good standard and practicable.
You can get their ideas and hint of how to make and write-ups articles. They don’t go for copy paste copy paste thing, infact they look for innovative material.
Article should be length of 750-800 words each, for editing you have the support of Google Docs for submitting and editing article.


It’s the site where you make lot about humour. They pay good amount for your humour and funny ideas and article writing is an added advantage for filling up your pocket with cash.
They don’t need any hi-fi article writer with quotes, all they need is fresher even without experience. They will pay $50-$40 for articles, infographics , photoshop and videos.
Here, you register and then go to dashboard where you choose to write article and write idea subject of it and 5 subtopics under it, a full column and info.
For writing you get $100 and for above it 5 published article you get $200 (wow !).On the basis of website ranking if your article finishes up in Top 10 then you get bonus of $100.


In this site you get topics about entertainment, news, opinions across users worldwide per month. The users earns a lot per day by writing articles on movies, sports, music, gaming etc. 100’s of articles are posted per day on this website.
The more innovative and original content users come up with they get better returns in cash .They have space for those users also who wants to add videos through Youtube.
Basically, you could earn up in more than $100 on an article.

This site is basically for the art and crafters .They wants articles on ceramics and designs and similar categories. They want article writers for their magazine publishing content which should not be lengthy or it may be short, without any huffy-puffy words.
You must come up with photo/designs of the article ,so that they can add it in between your post within 400words(approx.)
They pay around $350-$450 for 1000 words article and $5000 for around 1000-1200 words article. Whereas , Payment is totally based on publication, which requires an invoice.

For ctw posts, they offer up to $25, all they want is contract writers and requires signed contract before payment is made, which makes it reliable also.

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