Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13 Essential ways to Save your Money

How to save money :

Well , This mathematical calculation runs everyday in our life and every single person is worried that how he/she can manage his/her account in order to save sums of money.
So, here are some mind blowing incredible ways which can surely bring the smile on your face by managing your budget. If follow these ideas then I surely believe that your entire family or workers would appreciate it.

Mind your calculation:

            Always keep track of your budget, if you forget maintaining then dear you may miscalculate your order of spending money.
For this you first need to fix some budget of your monthly earning, by this you can get idea how much you are spending per month.

Maintain Credit card/A.t.m.

        Keep track of record of items you’ve purchased, for this you can use your credit card/A.T.M, cheques etc. which shows your expenditure data.
In this way you can get the idea of amount you need always to reallocate in Savings account.

Say “No” to expensive items

          Makeup your mind that you will not buy any expensive item each month , infact try to buy any expensive item once in three month whenever possible. This could lead to more savings which you did in 2 months. And you won’t have any regrets and you managed to sum up savings.

Setup your list

        Make a order of list of what you buy or spend on categories like food, movie, games, luxury items, clothing. This will improvise the habit of your buying any non-required item. Also, it will added advantage as whatsoever you saved avoiding such items will be credited to your “thank god “ account . J

Bargain ! Bargain !

         Always bargain ! Haha , bargaining may be difficult but yes ! it is the shortest and easiest way to find savings and small bargain of $ 10 of 10 times may add you $ 100 .. isn’t it cool !

Sale ! Sale ! Sale !

         Try to buy only those items or buy items when the market cost is low and there is huge “Off” on items , this sale may would play double bonanza for you as you are getting the item and on other hand your saved money.

Avoid Misuse of Calls

         In 21st century , mobiles, internet, are gasping large amount of money from your savings secretly. In order to meet savings requirement buy only those data/calls plans which fits for you and avoid misusing such plans. The benefit of it will be that this would avoid you to expending large money on plans and please please ! do not surf unecessary  or talk whole day ( especially womens ).

Simple and short

          Keep it simple and short ! don’t fix your yearly budget by dreaming $200/year infact what you can do is saving small bucks of $20/month. By this,you won’t have to think much and it will be easy to handle, and see (12x$20=$240), cool !

Fix it ! Deposit

         Fix it hard ,  fixed deposits are much added advantage in your savings account,for this you need to save your savings in your bank or whichever bank who gives more annual interest on amount. Fixed deposits can be made of 6-month plan or yearly plan whichever suits you best. Let us consider you make F.D. of $1000 at $4% so by yearly plan you get $40. Though, it is slow but as amount increases ,sum increases and why not choose, at least you are making several dollars once a year for no reason :P

Emergency Backup plan

       Start your life insurance policy, these policy will bring great advantage when you are in die hard situation as these policies are for 2 years or more but depositing money may bring good return with annual premium, whenever required.

Hey ! taxi..

       Try to take public transport as much as possible rather driving by your own vehicle as the fare you will pay for 10km is likely equal to fare you can travel 30km by your own car. So this will bring a huge advantage to your monthly savings. So cab riding, metro riding, rickshaw riding would be perfecto !

Cheap airfares

       If you are travelling to some other country or city by airways then best thing here you can do is to select those flights which are giving cheap fare on ride or you can reserve your tickets 3 or more months before travelling. As in peak time the rates are very high. This strategy will bring huge amount of savings in your Balance.

Stay Close !

       If you are a businessman/shop owner then best thing here is try living near or somewhere around your workplace as it can save the time as well transport fare. Double Bonanza right..?