Sunday, 11 January 2015

Amazing way to set your name on android Homescreen

Well, as we know in our android phone we have “owner info” feature,For those who don’t have idea about this feature, here’s  a brief information about how to set your info on your android screen.

Follow these steps one by one and you will have your info on Main screen/wallpaper.
Here , i am using MotoG for the function.


>> Open Menu and go to “Settings” option.


>> Slide down and click “Security” option right there.


>>Under “Security” option you will find “Owner info” option , which you need to click and enter your info.

>> After, clicking option , you will find Board where you’ll need to enter your info and you just have to enter and come out, there is no requirement of saving or ok option.


>>Now, in next step you have to come on HomeScreen where you will find your info.


Advantages >>

In case if you loss your mobile ,the person who will find it will have ease to call you back ( with your name you can save your emergency number).

Also, if in case you met with an accident and faints , whoever will see your cell will have easy to call your friends/family by looking your name and number on Home Screen.

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