Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Guide to Start Blogging

What ? You want to write Blog?... Wow ! Then you’re on right track ! Seriously, Blogging is good way to start writing and sharing your ideas and talent to viewers. Blogging is a bit confusing task specially for beginners as they have no idea about writing a blog. It can 1-2 month for totally understanding the criteria of blogging. As before writing a blog one search everything about Google and it happened to me as well.

It took me around 4-5 blogs and lot of  “ write and trash” work in order to learn the basics and still I am learning..                        
There’s no need of any specialization or language to start a blog. It’s a completely a free task profession if you want to do. There are many sites likes Wordpress and Blogger which provide a good platform for the beginners as they provide various editing concepts as well as their homepage is self guiding , once you enter in blogging you will understand everything.
Why I said “Blogging is a good platform”  then you must see this article  “ 7 reasons to start blogging”.

Choose your Base of Blog:

Since its your beginning so make sure what you are going to write or choose anything which you are passionate about like technology, food, adventure, money, politics etc. Setting up your blog topic will be the biggest hurdle in blogging and once you cross this hurdle you will get the idea itself about writing.

But, if you have no idea about what to write then, Relax ! you can start it up with everything about you like your hobbies , your work , your passion and ofcourse if you have wide knowledge about your specific passion or if you are in that from long time then you can start sharing your experience by writing any niche/topic  about it.
I’ve written some blogs , you can take idea from here:

Choose your platform:

Choosing your platform is very important! Wordpress and blogger ( a google product) are the two free platforms where you can begin your talent. These sites have variety of themes and layouts as well their design sense is quite good , so you can choose any of one according to your wish.

Choose wisely:

Wordpress compared to blogger is much better site as many blogs have been written using wordpress. As far as blogger is concerned, blogger does have different themes and design but not as such wordpress, but blogger is reliable as its google products and you will get many other analytics and adsense product where you can easily interconnect them to get viewers feed on page.


Domain choosing is quite tricky task as you have to choose such a topic which is eye catching to users and short.

Big and difficult names are difficult to remember, even if you make domain, its not actually yours as blogger and wordpress will both provide subdomain will seem like or , so it’s not actually your blog.

Note: If you want to purchase your own custom domain then you need to buy domain from blogger or wordpress on $10/year cost, which is quite cool.


Both the sites provide good quality range of themes by which you can design your blog and you can choose categories according to your blog topic.
Layouts are much good if I talk about blogger as compared to wordpress. But , that’s your choice. The more you setup your layout by feeding post link, logo design label etc. more the chances will stay hang up.

Making money/ Earnings:

From my experience if I say, earning money will not be easy task as far as you are good writer and your blogs are eye-catching.

From blogging, you can’t make million or thousand dollars in a month because it takes time to reach there also, the cons of these sites are they will cut-off 50% of your earnings.

So, in start you can start writing in learning manner , once you get a hold of it then you can buy your custom domain from blogger or wordpress only which cost around $10/year as mentioned above, so whatever you make will be yours plus you get more viewers on custom domain.

Publish Everywhere:

Once you have made your blog, its time to publish it to viewers. There are many social sites where you can post your blogs like;

·         Twitter

·         Pinterest

·         Stumbleupon

·         Google+

·         Tumblr

The another thing you can do is connecting and making social contact and other bloggers on different websites and following them also do follow different ideas and upcoming features of websites and add them to your blog, because the more you share, the more people will see it.

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