Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ulitmate trick to Disable Whatsapp Download Feature

Amazing trick to Disable Whatsapp Download:

Hello world, welcome back ! J

                                                This time I’m back with another and amazing feature to get rid of again and again downloading of Whatsapp. As you all know Whatsapp provides its users, Whatsapp version for short session which ends very soon and for that you have to download the app again. This in turn the drawbacks are :-

1.       Downloading app once again.

2.       Internet Data loss in order to download app/ or shortage of internet data.

3.       Wasting of time.

So , Basically if you don’t want these problem to occur for short time or in case of emergency all you have data to do some amazing trick and then you’ll be able to reuse the app once again  without any problem.

So here are the steps below you need to follow:-

1)      Once your whatsapp screen pop-up with This “Download Latest version” then no need to get panicked. This feature you can disable easily.

2)      Go to “Settings” in your mobile where you will find the Date/time option below.

3)      Once you reach the following option of Date/time, all you need to do is to change the date of  your mobile whichever the day you want, No matter if it’s your  birthday date … LOL :P

4)    After selecting option , don’t forget to click on “Automatic date & time”.

5) Now, you can set whichever date you want , and afterwards you can restore your original date when you want to upgrade.

NOTE : As you changes the date/time feature your system settings may change so outside data you will receive like ( Whatsapp text messages, Mobile messages or etc.) will be of date you have set, like if you have set 21st January , then all messages will be stored by 21st January. So, if you don’t want that then you can again set date to normal date.

Thank you.

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